Euro 2024, Copa America

14.06 – 15.07

Step into the arena of champions, where the thrill of Euro 2024,
the passion of Copa America,
and the grandeur of Wimbledon await.

Join our exhilarating BET RACE tournament.
Be one of the valiant few to claim a stake
in the grand prize pool of $2000.
Your journey to triumph begins here—will
you rise to the challenge?

Period: 14.06 – 15.07

  1. You place an Express or Single bet on any Euro 2024, Copa America and Wimbledon matches according to the following conditions:
    • Minimum bet – 0.17USD 
    • Minimum odds for each event - 1.3
  2. For each Pure Win you’ll get 1 point (Win amount – Bet amount = Pure Win)

    Each ≈ < 1USD = 1 point

    for example, $10 (Win amount) - $5 (bet amount) = $5 (5 Points)

    The player receives 1 full point only when the amount of his bets reached the amount set as Min Point Amount.

The prize pool is distributed among participants who accumulate the most points during the given period, as follows:

Place Real Money Prize
1 ≈ 645 USD
2 ≈ 510 USD
3 ≈ 390 USD
4 ≈ 320 USD
5 ≈ 170 USD
Total Prize ≈ < 2700USD

Note: According to the currency change limit the prize amounts
are calculated approximately. They can be more or less of the mentioned amounts.

  • Only bets placed on Euro 2024, Copa America and Wimbledon matches participate in the tournament.
  • During the tournament, participants earn points that accumulate throughout the event Period. Participants with the highest number of points occupy the prize places in the above table.
  • If the bet was settled as won (the player received the appropriate number of bonus points), however later it was recalculated, the recalculation is only considered in case it was performed until the end of the given tournament day.
  • Cashouts (Total and partial) will not participate in the tournament.
  • If two or more participants have equal points in the tournament tables, the prize will be distributed equally.

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