Odds Booster

Another treat for our multi bet players is the Odds Booster. This bonus allows you to boost your multi bets odds and the amount you can win!!

Your bet must have at least 3 events each with odds of 1.5 or higher.

The boost in your odds will show next to the “Odds Booster” checkbox. If you select that box you will instantly see the increase in your odds and possible winnings!

The percentage of bonus added for the Odds Booster is determined by the number of events in your multi-bet.

Number of Events Bonus Percentage
3-4 5%
5-6 10%
7-8 15%
9-10 20%
11 + 25%

For example, you place a 10€ multi bet on 5 different events with total odds of 18.6.

1st event (W1) -1.6

2nd event (W2) -1.7

 3rd event (Total Over 2.5) - 1.8

 4th event (W2) - 1.9

5th event (W1) – 2

Bonus odds - 1.1

In case you win the bet, you receive a 10% bonus of the won amount instantly. In this example equals 18.60€ ((18.6 x 10) + (10/100)). Your total winning will be 186€ + 18.6€ = 204.6€.

The Organizer has a right at his sole discretion to cancel the Odds Booster bonus available for multi bets temporarily or without time-limit.

In the case of refunded bets, where the event is calculated at an odd of 1, the bonus will be calculated on the events that were completed.